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AllWam Finger painting babes

A behind the scenes look, as Victoria Rose from AllWam goes to see our make-up artists the pretty Miss Piss and sweet Dionne before a big scene. Sadly for her, this duo is up to a bad one and tell Victoria to shut her eyes since they “put on her sweet face”. But rather than lipstick and mascara, these hotties pull out the finger and cover her poor face in ridiculous-looking yellow, red, and blue. As soon as Victoria finally opens her eye lids and sees what they’ve done she is far from entertained and begins an all-out paint combat!

Soon, the ladies from All Wam videos are slathering fresh paint all over one another’s sexy silken outfits, causing the material to stick seductively onto their sexy bodies. The paint becomes only a reason for the girls to caress their hands all over one another’s bums, boobs and cunts, till they collapse in a AllWam kaleidoscope of paint, exhausted hotness. You got to see these three slutty babes messing around with each other and covering their bodies with paint, thing that seems like the new hobby for them, lately. Check out how hot they are being totally covered in paint, having even their boobies and their pussies. Have fun watching these two and get ready to be really fired up and naughty after watching these three messing around with each other’s bodies. You got to check out them, to see how are they having a blast with each other.


Watch these lesbians playin with their messy finger paints!