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WAM Girls – lesbian milk bath

With her boyfriend away, Tera Joy from AllWam is free to enjoy her lesbian yearnings– and enjoy she will. Since its a special event, she has her lady sweetheart Aneta Keys from All Wam videos over for a passionate milk bath– complete with flower petals and wine. Aneta comes and does not even wait to remove her silky clothes, but step in with Tera and begins hugging in the warm perfumed bath. The two wam girls hug and fondle one another all over and also rub their slick love mounds together – working one another’s clits in a sexy, wet foreplay for what’s to come…

Have fun watching these two hot babes having a great time together into that bath tub and see how are they going to start messing around with their body shapes. Enjoy watching them in action, pinching their nipples and pressing their boobies with their palms, thing that they like to do a lot. You got to see the whole scene, to see how these two hot babes are going to do right next. Have fun watching them having that hot foamy bath and get ready to be impressed by these two hot babes. Enjoy.


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